How I Found 25 Hours in My Day


Hello friends, Nicole here.

I am a busy entrepreneur and I love finding ways to be efficient with my time.

In fact… I don’t have time not to. 🙂

I am like many of you, who feel that there are not enough hours in the day every single day. Before I go to bed, I think about the things I haven’t done yet … I simply ran out of time to do them …

Over the years I have had to utilize my life as efficiently as possible, in order to maximize the number of things I can do in a single period.

This is how I was able to run my life, business and clients, while still taking care of my health and relationships.

I am not a genius or anything. I just got good at managing my tasks and designating priorities. One of the most important things that I see about how I spend my time is to have a time limit on activities.

I can choose to have a guilt-free 10 minutes scrolling through Facebook, as long as I stick to those 10 minutes and avoiding the social media vortex. Social media itself is not a bad thing, you can learn things there, you can connect with friends there, you can be entertained there.

Like with almost anything, it more about not overdoing it.

You can usually judge how long each thing on your list is going to take. And schedule yourself accordingly.

Part of this will also be looking at what you want to be doing for each day/week/year and deciding what is most important to you. It’s far easier to find time for something that is a priority for you!

If there is something specific that you never seem to find the time for, there is a reason for that. How important do you think that “thing” is for you? Do you think it’s as important as the things you are getting done?

What tasks are negotiable and what tasks are not negotiable?

I often hear from people, I don’t have time…

if you have a job, family and children to take care of, and you have additional work between these things I realize …some people actually don’t have time to spare and get to be even more creative on finding time and being efficient.

But I am sure there are many who say this, but in fact …they have!!!!!

No matter how you are spending your time, there is a way to be more efficient about it.

Now, no matter how detailed you have gotten with your schedule, this will happen and the schedule will need to be adjusted. And that is totally ok. If this happens every day, then it may be time to have another look at what you are trying to do each day. Do tasks have the right amount of designated for them? Are there distractions preventing you from staying on track? Is there something that you can have someone else do? How’s your energy level? If you have more energy, could that help you to get more done, or have more focus?

One trap that we can fall into is to get sucked into other people’s schedules. You don’t have to respond to an email right away or pick up a phone when it rings. Or even answer the door. Although, it seems that these days if someone you know is going to come to your door, they will probably let you know in advance anyway.

We only have so many minutes in a day. Each one can be fully utilized, or waisted. Either way, once they are gone, they are gone.

The good news is that they can also be compounded. If you put your minutes to progress on something today, and then tomorrow, as so on, you can see the results of that compounding effect.

If those minutes are wasted today and tomorrow, and so on, you will also see that compounding effect.

For example, if you spend 30 minutes a day learning something new, in 30 days you will have spent 15 hours learning or 182.5 hours in a year. You can learn a lot in that time.

If you are also able to have someone else do some of what is currently on your list, whether it be getting help from your kids or partner, or if you are able to hire someone to work for you, you are now compounding the work of multiple people. Even if they don’t do it the way you would.

This could be something like having someone else cut your lawn, or do your bookkeeping.

This compounding effect and outsourcing is the quickest way to see results.

What would you be able to have someone help you with? If you could set aside just 30 minutes a day, what would like to do with it?



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