Beginner Affiliate Marketing for Home Based Entrepreneurs


There are virtually unlimited products and offers out there that you can promote as an affiliate, which is super cool because affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

However, the flip side of that is that with so many things that you can promote, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with deciding what exactly you want to promote and how you should be promoting it.

Hey, Nicole here, and in this post, I will be walking you through my super-simple steps to figure out exactly what the best affiliate marketing offers are for you to promote and the best way to promote them so that you can start making money as soon as possible.

Alright, so exactly, how do you find the best affiliate offers to promote and what is the best way to promote them?

As we dive into this, I want to let you know that I have more information about this coming out all the time to help you build your online business, create your business, to grow your following, and so on. So make sure to visit again, so that I can assist you in reach your goals.

First, let’s talk about your brand.

Your brand is really important when it comes to building a sustainable, full-time income in affiliate marketing. It represents you and what you stand for.

Now, why is that?

Think about how an affiliate offer works! You to submit recommendations on a commodity or service, and then your followers make a decision to buy based on your recommendation. They use your affiliate link, and when they make a purchase you get paid for the referral.

So the key to this formula is that others trust you and your recommendation, and this is where your brand comes in. You want to build a brand and be a trustworthy go-to person for a specific subject.

For example, I’ve built a brand around helping people start and build their online businesses. Others have build brands around beauty and makeup, or engineering photography, gaming, essential oils, weight loss, dieting and even things like music and quilting.

The people who are the most successful at this, construct their labels around a specific subject or niche, so think about what you want people to come to you for. And what do you want to help people do? What is it that you have a passion for, or a fondness for, that you would enjoy teaching others?

It’s great if you already have some level of expertise in the subject, but frankly, you can also be really interested in it and want to learn about it.

Why is that? It’s because what beings are looking for, the most is information from people who are like them.

For example, if I’m looking for information about a DSLR camera, I genuinely don’t need to know what a professional photographer would say about it or how they are able to use it, because they are a pro, and I am NOT. What I actually want to know is what other women are saying about a camera.

Is it durable enough to survive a family with young boys or a family vacation? Is it easy to use? Does it take good photos without having to always adjust a bunch of different settings? What options on it do other moms find most helpful? It is easy to carry around in a purse. Things like that…

And you don’t need to be an expert to tell me those things you merely need to be someone who can talk to others about what they want to know.

You may be a pet lover and you may want to help new pet owners train their pets. If you are a homeschooling parent, you could help parents interested in homeschooling. If you are an accountant, you could help small business owners become more efficient with their bookkeeping and overheads or if you are excited about the idea of making money online and learning more about internet marketing, and that gets you stimulated. You can share some of the cool things that you are learning about with others that are looking to get started.

A great way to start is to write down the options that you are considering, products or offers that you could see yourself getting excited about, products that you could see yourself talking about on a regular basis. 

Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to narrow down to a direction that you see has potential.

Next, once you’ve figured out what your niche is going to be, it’s just such a matter of figuring out what products or services or offers are out there that relate to that area. That you can promote as an affiliate. Think about what kinds of training, material, programs, and education will help your audience along their journey?

So if you’re helping people with their new puppies and that’s your thing, then a new dog owner could use all kinds of stuff physical concoctions like a crate or a kennel. Like, leashes, toys, treats, etc…

While hard goods like that are good and you should note them down, you’re going to get a higher commission with digital products. So how about looking for an online program of some sort?

So now it’s time to turn to a secret resource. Google!

You can do a Google search for affiliate programs for a certain niche.

If you feel like you could recommend certain products from a particular company, you can often find an affiliate option at the bottom of their website.

If it’s a physical commodity, you can always use Amazon’s affiliate program for a small commission.

But the best commodities to promote are going to be things that are centred around the niche that you are building and then have a common theme.

When you build a brand and build an audience of people who have a common interest, that’s when you have the best potential to earn the trust of your followers. They will keep coming back to you over and over and over again to connect, learn and buy through your links time and time again.

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Please know that I’m here and I have your back. I’m here to help you generate the time, freedom and business discretion that you and your family deserve. By providing you direction to help, you grow your business.

Talk soon.




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